The skull base (or cranial base) is the bone of the skull that contains the brain and separates the brain from the rest of the head. Below the skull base are the nasal cavity, sinuses, eyes and facial bones.

Skull base tumours

Associate Professor Eng Ooi specialises in the removal of tumours affecting the sinuses and skull base.  He works as part of a team of specialised expert skull base surgeons with neurosurgeons.

One of the common diseases is a pituitary tumour. Your pituitary gland is at the back of your sphenoid sinus and secretes many important hormones in your body. Sometimes these tumours can grow to a large size and affect your vision (double vision or blindness) and also affect your hormone levels. These tumours can now be removed with endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery, which is “key-hole” surgery through your nose allowing patients to only spend a few days in hospital without any scars on their head or face.

A/Professor Ooi specialises in the removal of these tumours with endoscopic (minimally invasive) and open (craniotomy, external) techniques in conjunction with a team of neurosurgeons. All cases are discussed in a multi-disciplinary team meeting and he believes in offering the approach that is most suitable for the patient and the tumour, rather than just one approach

What is skull base surgery?

It is surgery performed by a team of expert skull base trained surgeons to approach, resect (remove) and reconstruct (repair) diseases of the skull base.

Closure of CSF leaks

Leakage of brain fluid (CSF) can occur after trauma, sinus surgery, spontaneously, or after skull base surgery. This can lead to meningitis. Dr Ooi has received training in the management and repair of CSF leaks through your nose and sinuses using special endoscopic techniques.

Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery

Large Pituitary Tumour

Endoscopic anterior skull base resection

Endoscopic anterior skull base resection

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