The thyroid gland sits in front and in the midline of your neck. Thyroid cancers can develop in the thyroid gland and are usually found because the patient notices a neck lump or its detected with an ultrasound. The cancer is diagnosed with a needle biopsy (FNA).

A/Professor Eng Ooi is a specialist ENT surgeon with international training in performing thyroidectomies for thyroid cancers during his Toronto fellowship and is also able to manage airway and vocal cord issues due to thyroid surgery.

It is important for patients to discuss with their treating surgeon if they have any voice concerns before having thyroid surgery as there is are risks to the “voice box nerve” (recurrent laryngeal nerve), temporary or permanent low calcium (parathyroid glands), and the need to take thyroid hormone replacement for life when a total thyroidectomy is performed.

A/Professor Eng Ooi is trained in managing the voice and a hoarse voice due to a paralysed vocal cord. He performs his surgeries at Flinders Private Hospital.

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