We want you to be happy with the plans for your surgery.
Please ask if there are any questions on the following:

  • The reasons why we have recommended surgery and possible alternative treatment options

  • Any risks involved

  • The length of hospital stay

  • The amount of time off work required

  • Any out of pocket expenses

  • Your post-operative appointment

  • Medical and carer certificates


Below is a list of basic information to keep your mind at ease.  If you require any further information from what you see below, your consulting doctor will be more than happy to answer any further questions.

Surgery Booking

Our office staff will conduct a pre-admission consultation and arrange the date of your surgery as part of our service. You are usually admitted in the morning of the day of your surgery.

Private health fund restrictions

Your health fund may have certain waiting periods for pre-existing conditions or restriction that may affect your coverage. There is a possibility your surgery may be cancelled in these situations or you may have to pay for the whole cost of the hospital stay so please check with your health fund prior to going ahead with surgery if you are in doubt about your level of health cover. The staff can provide Medicare item numbers if requested therefore allowing you to check your coverage with the health fund.


Please bring all of your x-rays, scans and reports to the hospital. In many cases, your surgery cannot proceed without these scans and if you forget your scans then in some cases your operation may need to be cancelled.

Pathology Tests

During your operation, some tissue removed at surgery may be sent to the pathologist for important microscopic histological examination. Blood tests may also be required. Sometimes the pathology testing may incur extra fees that are beyond our control.


For major operations, your surgeon will usually require an assistant who is often another doctor with experience in the procedure being performed. We recommend patients check with their health fund to ensure they are covered for an Assistant fee.


Your anaesthetist is arranged at the time of hospital booking. They will normally see you in hospital on the day of your surgery to do a physical examination and arrange any test or pre-medication they feel is necessary. A pre-anaesthetic consultation will be arranged days before surgery if it is felt medically necessary. If you are a smoker it is in the best interests of your health to stop smoking completely.

Most of our anaesthetists charge a gap payment that is not covered by your health fund. We will provide you with the necessary contact numbers to enquire about the amount of gap payment. It is your responsibility to contact the anaesthetist’s private rooms to find out how much this will be prior to your surgery.

Post-Operative care

While in the hospital, your care will be provided by your surgeon. In some situations, by prior arrangement, other surgeons in the Adelaide ENT Surgery practice may visit and care for you. Your follow-up appointment is usually made prior to surgery. Other doctors may be involved in your care if medically necessary and you may incur additional fees for this.

Our practice nurse will call you to check on your post operative progress and is trained to be able to offer you advice and arrange earlier follow up if necessary. We feel that this service provided by Adelaide ENT Surgery is an important aspect of your care.

After discharge your routine post-operative care is provided through the rooms of Adelaide ENT Surgery during normal business hours. Please do not hesitate to telephone the rooms and speak to our staff if you have any concerns after your surgery. An earlier post-operative appointment will be arranged for you if required. If an emergency situation arises after hours that require urgent medical attention then you should present to the Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) emergency department or call an ambulance and go to your nearest emergency department. There is an ENT registrar available for emergencies after hours at FMC and the surgeons from Adelaide ENT Surgery are consultants with admitting rights at FMC and can attend to you at FMC and FPH.

Wound care and removal of Sutures/Staples

The removal of your sutures or staples after discharge from hospital will be provided at your follow up appointment. Sometimes after discharge from the hospital, a problem with your wound may arise which causes you some concern. If you have any concerns in the immediate post-operative period please telephone our rooms first for advice. This will usually resolve any concerns, and if necessary an earlier appointment can be made for you to be seen. If an urgent situation arises after hours then it may be necessary for you to attend the Flinders Medical Centre Emergency Dept.

Adelaide ENT Surgery Patient Information
Adelaide ENT Patient Information
Adelaide ENT Patient Information

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