Flinders Medical Centre has people power to thank for a state of the art new laser (Channel 7 news)

Dr Eng Ooi and the new KTP laser at Flinders Medical Centre

Sinus surgery can improve a patient’s quality of sleep

The prevalence of sleep dysfunction is high in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) and significantly improves after endoscopic sinus surgery; in patients with CRS and comordid obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), sinus surgery confers substantial improvements in quality-of-life, according to a new report (JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2015;141:873-881).

Hayfever season

The hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) has started in Adelaide. It can cause you to have thick mucus rhinorrhea (runny nose), sneezing, nose feeling “blocked”, itchy eyes and nose. Treatment is allergen avoidance, nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines. Surgery can help with breathing although it is not a cure for your “allergies”. Please speak to your GP if initial treatment is not helping you as you may benefit from a referral to an ENT specialist to assess if surgery can help you breathe better.

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

The most common cause of childhood OSA is enlarged adenoids and tonsils. It can cause the following signs and symptoms: snoring loudly, noisy breathing during sleep, pauses in breathing during sleep, choking, gasping during sleep, mouth breathing, hyper extended head position during sleep, tiredness on waking despite a long nights sleep, difficulty paying attention, behaviour problems and learning difficulties. Treatment with tonsillectomy and / or adenoidectomy is successful is most children with enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Your child should be referred for a specialist ENT assessment if you are concerned they could have OSA.

Cambodian Ear Care Project

Associate Professor Eng Ooi will be in Cambodia in October doing voluntary work with other ENT surgeons, anaesthetists, audiologists and nurses training Cambodian Ear Care workers to care for ear disease and providing clinics and operating services.

Clinic assessments - Dr Eng Ooi and patient

Dissection Courses for training ENT Surgeons

Adelaide Head and Neck Dissection Course

Associate Professor Eng Ooi is on faculty for the upcoming Adelaide Head and Neck Dissection and Airway Management Course 23rd to 24th November 2015 teaching registrars and consultants the knowledge and practical instruction in resection techniques on head and neck surgery and also experience with airway emergency and surgical resuscitation of airway. All ENT registrars and newly qualified ENT surgeons are welcome for this course

Advanced FESS course

Associate Professor Eng Ooi is on faculty for the 18th Advanced Adelaide FESS course between 26th to 28th November 2015. He will be teaching ENT registrars and surgeons advanced endoscopic sinus surgery techniques at this cadaveric course.

ENT undergraduate teaching

Dr Trish MacFarlane is the lead for medical student teaching at Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre. She has updated the medical student teaching program with a hands on approach to teaching basic ENT skills such as using a thudicum’s speculum, how to do otoscopy in children, using tuning forks, and interpreting audiograms. Dr MacFarlane has developed a MCQ test on basic ENT knowledge at the end of the medical student teaching program to assess their learning.  Dr MacFarlane and Dr Ooi also actively teach medical students in clinics, on ward rounds and in the operating theatre. Several medical students under our supervision have successfully completed audit projects with the ENT Surgery Unit at Flinders Medical Centre, resulting in improvements in treatment protocols for ENT patients.

New academic ENT Surgery practice in Adelaide and Flinders Private Hospital

Associate Professor Eng Ooi has been providing specialist Ear, Nose and Throat surgical care for patients in the Southern region and Adelaide, South Australia for the last 6 years. A/Professor Ooi is an ENT surgeon with private appointments at Flinders Private Hospital, Memorial Hospital, public hospital appointments at Flinders Medical Centre, and Flinders University

Associate Professor Ooi’s research interests include developing a blood test for detecting tonsil cancer (currently there is no blood test available), NHMRC trial on surgery for treating obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), improving endoscopic sinus surgery techniques (the Sinus Stent study)), and innate immune causes of chronic sinusitis (research papers)

Associate Professor Eng Ooi opened a new Academic focused ENT Surgery practice to provide private care for patients at Flinders Private Hospital.

Adelaide ENT Surgery has 2 ENT Surgeons consulting at the practice. Our 2 surgeons have admitting rights at Flinders Private Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre. There are appointments available Monday – Friday. We can see urgent cases at short notice. Please speak to our practice nurse in the rooms if the referral is urgent.