Mark Mitchell has over 30 years of experience in physiotherapy. He has worked with several leading physiotherapists who specialise in headaches, back pain and lower limb problems. This has consolidated his knowledge base from post-graduate work in musculoskeletal and sports therapy.

Mark will listen to you and treat you on a one-to-one basis. He will explain to you what he thinks is wrong and what it will take to manage the situation on the first consultation. He expects to make a difference within the first 3 sessions and will discuss with you your ongoing management from there. That could be either with continued intervention, self-management, or referral elsewhere.

He offers treatment and management strategies for all musculoskeletal problems, but with a distinct interest in helping cancer patients pre and post-surgery to the head and neck.

Mark’s practice has a hands-on approach and looks to educate you on how to self-manage your problem. This saves you time and money. He will liaise with any other medical or health professionals involved with your care.

​Many cancer patients who have neck or head surgery experience continued neck pain or headaches. While the cancer, the surgery, the chemotherapy or the radiotherapy can contribute significantly or totally to the symptoms, if the neck is not considered and assessed by an experienced and skilled therapist, patients may be putting up with symptoms that can be assisted by a few treatments to the neck. By gentle to firm pressure on joints in the neck, symptoms should be reproduced temporarily and then relieved. These are skills Mark has developed with advanced training and also specialist training with Dr Dean Watson. This is not training taught to university graduate physiotherapists.

Please speak to our Reception staff for information regarding appointments with Mark.

New Physiotherapist Mark Mitchell